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Meet Your Therapist

La’Tish Thomas is a New York-based Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist, and Owner of Therapy Healing Spaces. She graduated from Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work and has been providing mental health services for over 14+ years in a variety of clinical settings including private practice and outpatient (home, school, and community) treatment, as well as facilitating restorative healing circles within the school system. She provides insight-oriented and solution-focused treatment for stress and anxiety, depression, relational challenges, and race-based stress and trauma. 

Most importantly, La'Tish identifies as a black woman, who is passionate about catalyzing healing within black women and normalizing mental and emotional health in her community, which ultimately led her to create her virtual private practice, Therapy Healing Spaces. 

Therapy Healing Spaces is an intentional healing space for women, specifically black women, who can have a brave space to heal, learn to set boundaries, prioritize themselves, and grow.  

La'Tish understands the challenges we face in everyday life and wants to affirm to her clients that they no longer have to go through the hurdles of finding the right therapist that can relate to and understand the lived experiences of being a black woman and a professional.

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Services & Specialities


We provide online therapy in the state of New York and work with Adult Individuals and Couples.

All services are self-pay. We do not accept insurance, but encourage you to reach out to discuss the sliding scale we offer clients with financial considerations.

Individual Psychotherapy

In co-created brave spaces, we foster healing and growth by helping individuals explore their thoughts and emotions and practice strategies so that they can better manage their life and feel whole.

Couples Therapy

We cultivate shared spaces for clients to invite their partners into their healing journey where they are able to explore their relationship, help each partner to understand and empathize with the other, resolve underlying sentiments that fuel disagreements, recover from past hurts, and rekindle intimacy.


There are many similarities in how anxiety manifests in various individuals; however, it is a unique experience for you. Let’s explore the complexity of your challenges so that you can understand what anxiety means to you and help alleviate feeling afraid about anxiety and some of its symptoms.


The experience of shame, grief, hopelessness, and disconnection can be unbearable. Let's explore the roots of your challenges and be aware of and deconstruct negative thinking so that you can feel empowered, get back to yourself, and take your life back.


Relationships are difficult, and you may be feeling misunderstood or invalidated by current or past relationships. As a result, you have a hard time setting boundaries and managing emotions and expectations when triggered by others. Together we can have honest and compassionate conversations and work through problems that get in the way of your growth, increased self-esteem, and, most importantly, you feeling wanted, cared for, and understood in meaningful relationships whether romantic, platonic, or familial.

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