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My Philosophy

Ascribing to a completely integrative approach, she makes efforts to support and create opportunities for Black women to be active participants in their own healing journey. 

La'Tish has found that one of the most radical actions that she can give to other Black women is her presence; the creation of brave spaces where individuals don’t have to have it all together, can feel emotionally connected to themselves, and able to alleviate personal guilt with depression, anxiety and heightened stress. 

By acknowledging and honoring the various identities black women can hold and examining familial, relational and race-based trauma that one may have endured, it can help individuals break unhealthy cycles, learn self-forgiveness, grace and empowerment, while attaining emotional and mental freedom. 

Our primary focus is to expose individuals to tools of self-reflection and solution focused practices to encourage women in their most authentic way to gain a deeper understanding of, connections with, and acceptance of all parts of oneself.

Verified By: Psychology Today and Therapy for Black Girls

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